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A European crossroads since the creation of the road network during the Roman Empire, Romandie has patiently built its beautiful cultural diversity.

The variety of its landscapes, from the peaceful countryside to the breathtaking Alpine heights to the vast vistas opened up by some of the largest lakes in Europe, every contour of your route will create wonder.

A friendly and generous land, here, the pleasures of the table are closely linked to the valleys and peaks of our terroirs, whether your dish is traditional or starred.

Subtle and elegant, French-speaking region wines are rarely exported. Cultivated traditionally or innovatively by winegrowers with solid character, they proudly hold their place on the most beautiful tables in Switzerland and worldwide.

Thanks to its network, Romandie Découvertes gives you access to landscapes and people with unique know-how. They will be proud to pass on their culture and knowledge during particular sharing moments.

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